Gerardo Bonilla visits Cub Scout Pack 3865

Last night I was invited to speak at the Pack meeting for Cub Scout Pack 3865.  The Cub Scouts, with an average age of about 10, had wide eyes and eager reactions to the stories and videos of what its like to be a race car driver. 

A few interesting questions included, “Have you ever crashed?”  “How much does your race car cost?” “Do you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of a race?”  Actually, while many questions gave the adults in the room plenty of laughs, the boys had many great questions about what the racing is like, if I had rivals in the sport, if I had a hero in racing, etc. 

Photos by Laura Mullins

I shared with them about my own history in Cub and Boy Scouts.  Some of my favorite memories include building a rope bridge across a river, building campfires, learning to shoot rifles and shotguns, learning to sail a small sailboat, week-long camping trips, a week-long canoe trip, endless hikes, and great food by the campfire.  

One of the boy’s fathers, Scott Mullins, had been a student of mine at the Skip Barber school in years past, and connected me to the Pack for this opportunity.  His two sons have been race fans for years, so it was a great way to help out a friend while giving to the Mequon, Wisconsin community.  Many thanks to Cub Scout Pack 3865 for allowing me to visit and share a few stories. 

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