As many of you know, I have been enjoying my role as Director of Operations at Lucas Oil School of Racing.  In this role I have the opportunity to manage client relations, write our annual schedule, write rules, hire/train/book instructors, negotiate contracts with our partners and vendors, event manage our races and schools, and much more. 

Our amazing Crew Chief, David Metcalf, brilliantly handles the race car side of our operations, while Jim Altemus manages Sales and Marketing, and Rachel Enerson handles much of the admin.  It’s a great company I’m grateful to help build into a large community of racers enoying our beloved sport.

Client Services

I continue to offer private client management and driver coaching in motorsports.  If this is of interest to you, please shoot me an email.  

I also continue to offer test-driver services to further development of your race car.  If I can’t drive your car well enough for your needs, I’ll find a qualified driver for you.

And finally, if you sim race or have given it some thought and wonder how it will help your real world racing, email me and we’ll get a conversation started.

Yours in Motorsport…


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